Part Number: 881752, 883145, 881048, 881603, 881749

Industrial Remote Control with Emergency Stop

  • PN 881752 Pendant switch PB-331 w/3.5 mm x 5C x 6 m cord for CP-500/500T, CWG-10077
  • PN 883145 Remote Control, PB-417 for CWS-80/160/230/300
  • PN 881048 Pendant switch PB-306 w/1.25 mm x 3C x 3 m cord, INDIRECT, Applicable for winches with a low voltage control; CP-500T/750T/900T, CWG-500TH/30075/30151/30265/30375/30565/30750/31500/34000
  • PN 881603 Pendant switch PB-317A w/1.25 mm x 6C x 3 m cord for CWL-80
  • PN 881749 Pendant switch PB-317 w/2.0 mm x 6C x 10 m cord for CWL-301/301L

Please note, in order for compliance, the remote must be wired to an isolating solenoid to kill power to the winch.


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