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About winch systems

Winch Systems Ltd opened its doors for business in 1998. Managing Director Neil Giblin, started his career as an auto-electrical engineer working for a small local Hull based business. Over the coming years, the city of Hull became home to the majority of static caravan and mobile home manufactures; with them came an influx of transporter vehicles, all specially equipped with winches to move them. Neil soon earned a reputation for himself as 'the man who can' when it came to getting the winch repaired, serviced and back on the road.

Eventually it was decided to utilise the wealth of knowledge to start a business that would specialise in Winch sales, service, installation, repair and testing of all types of winches for a multitude of different industries...

Winch Systems was born.

High Quality products

From the outset Winchsystems took great pride in offering high quality products and professional installations.

The business was already supplying a range of AC winches produced by Comeup industries Ltd, a Taiwanese manufacturer of these high-quality products. Using his knowledge of the industry, Neil formed an agreement with Comeup industries and together helped develop a range of electric and Hydraulic vehicle winches to fulfil market requirements.

We are here for you

In 2001 Comeup industries appointed Winch Systems as its sole official UK distributor for the full range of vehicle winches that are available today.

As the business continued to grow, it became heavily involved with the Utility sector. Winch Systems manufactured a portable hydraulic capstan winch for National Grid PLC. It was developed to assist in overhead line maintenance and this product is now the industry standard and used by most overhead line companies. Winch Systems is also the main distributors for other specialized OHL equipment including Plumettaz winches, Vetter cable handling and Zeck tensioner/puller equipment. With our range of powered industrial winches and our selection of heavy-duty hand winches we are truly a winch supplier to all and everyone.

Now in our 26th year, Winch Systems would like to say thank you to the blue-chip organizations and especially to those small and medium sized businesses that have supported us over the years.

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