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Padtex Fire Blankets

  • Controls any type of car fire within a few seconds
  • A secure solution that handles fire in electric, hybrid as well as combustion engines automobiles
  • Suitable for all vehicles, including SUVs
  • Contained in a Smart Bag or wall-mount cabinet
  • Nothing can penetrate the blanket: fire, smoke, toxic gasses
  • Simple, fast, efficient and safe use for controlling the outbreak of fire in vehicles
  • Stops the spread of fire to buildings and other vehicles by suffocating the flames immediately.

Because Electric Vehicle Fires are so dangerous and difficult to control, we are trying to find several measures to extinguish, prevent reignition and keep everyone safe.

These fire blankets will work with all kinds of vehicle fires, not just electric car fires.

Perfect for the transportation and storage of burnt vehicles and/or vehicles which could potentially re/ignite.


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