The New E10

It's Here!!!

The E10 is finally available exclusively from Winch Systems.
We are proud and excited to make this announcement.

This 24v 10,000lb pulling winch is perfect for Caravan Transport and recovery.

COMEUP Industries have delivered on a promise with the E10. It supersedes it's predecessor, the old Superwinch E10, which became obsolete since Superwinch closed their doors.

So why is this winch so special?

  • It has a permanent drag brake which keeps the load and anything behind the load safe. It will pull in and out with solid control and stops your load slipping or suffering contortion/damage by 'jerky' responses.

  • It is classed as a 'severe duty' winch! COMEUP have proved that their winches can endure all conditions by physically using them from the South to the North pole including everywhere in between!

  • The detachable solenoid allows flexibility of installation and gives you the option of keeping in a protected location.

  • It's tough! Aluminium die cast housings withstand strength of 2 x rated load of winch

  • The heavy duty series wound motor has a thermal cut out which prevents overheating

  • Waterproof remote with a 5 metre wanderlead (standard accessory)

The COMEUP E10 comes the following Standard Accessories:

Optional Accessories:

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