Smart alternators and Winch Motors

Smart Alternators and Winch motors


This mainly applies to winches, but can also apply to other power consuming applications such as tail-lifts.

We have received many enquiries regarding motors on winches.

They are over-heating.

They have burnt out.

These queries are increasing.


As a Winch Specialist company who supply, install, repair, service, advise, build and basically live on the principals of winching; we needed to get to the bottom of this.

So, we asked questions, we did some research, we scrutinised every element until we realised all paths led to the batteries.

Basically, if the vehicle batteries are low, there isn’t enough power to supply the winch motor. It will keep working, working harder until the current draw is that much, it will overheat. Keep going or repeating this exercise and the winch motor will eventually ‘burn out’.

We had to advise customers to always check the batteries of their vehicles. Common responses were:

“The batteries are new!”

“It’s a new truck!”

Without giving in, we spoke with a representative of Varta, among other research channels (the biggest and most obvious being Google). The most revealing thing we found was simply in a Renault user’s Operation Manual. We scanned it and attached it below.

We have highlighted the text which is important.

The Smart Alternator

These Alternators were introduced to Trucks and light commercial vehicles in 2015

They are not charging your batteries enough for your applications. Guess why?


Basically, if you have a truck with a smart alternator and want to use a winch or other electrical applications:

They need charging daily!

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