Polaris Ranger Load test

Here we are doing our standard Load test after the installation of our Capstan GH200 onto the Polaris Ranger (With tracks!)

For use in the Utilities Overhead Line Industry, this Winch Systems Capstan GH200, installed on a Polaris Ranger, will be used to lift/lower equipment to personnel working on overhead power lines/electricity pylons.

The GH200 is a hydraulic powered Capstan packed with safety features. The foot pedal offers more control to the hands whilst cutting off any power when released. This Polaris design allows us to install the hydraulics, including the oil tank, neatly into the vehicle. A separate, stand-alone Power Pack is not needed. This saves fuel and space, allowing the loading tray of the Polaris to be completely free for the transport of equipment.

The Overhead Line Industry is just an example of one of the uses our GH200 Capstan has. Used globally, we are still impressed with what innovative ideas our customers have for the use of these!

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