Polaris 902 fitted with Hydraulic System for GH200

Here is a Polaris 902 with our own integrated Hydraulic system. The oil tank is discretely located below the seat and the Hydraulics are driven by the vehicle engine.

By integrating our Hydraulic system into the Polaris, we have saved the use of a Power Pack. The Power Pack would stand in the loading tray; so by freeing this up, the loading space can now be used for transporting equipment.

Here at Winch Systems, we are very proud of our GH200/500 Capstans.

"Winch Systems manufactured a portable hydraulic capstan winch for National Grid PLC. It was developed to assist in overhead line maintenance and this product is now the industry standard and used by most overhead line companies."

Each of these machines are made to a blueprint that has been adapted to the industry over the years it has served. Others have tried to copy, others have tried to modify, but let it be know that these Capstans are the original and the best... Just ask the end users

Peter Shaw from Electricity North West:

"We have been using the Winch Systems GH200 Capstan for the overhead line installations for several years now.

It is a well-designed, reliable and safe product.

Winch Systems install these to the front of our Polaris Vehicles. The work is done to an extremely high standard and we are very pleased with it."