New COMEUP range: The SOLO

Due to arrive in March 2022, COMEUP are launching a new range which compliments the Seal Gen 2. The COMEUP SOLO

There will be two models:

  • 9.5rs - 9,500lb pulling winch

  • 12.5rs - 12,500lb pulling winch

The New COMEUP SOLO range has an integrated control pack, synthetic rope, built in wireless control and wired control.

Here's the really cool part...

The integrated control pack has a digital display showing battery level, alarm and malfunction detection


The control pack is removeable and relocatable to allow customised installations with a variety of options.

The wired remote has a built in magnet so it can attach to the winch or any other metal surface.

The COMEUP SOLO has metal housing, not just to attach the controller, but to allow for better heat dissipation.