Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher

Winch Systems have been working with the Fire Service for over 25yrs so it makes perfect sense for us to have become involved in the provision of extinguishers for Electric Vehicles. These fires have become a growing concern; these has never been a strong solution to the problem. The fire service will use 14,000 to 23,000 litres of water to extinguish these fires! That water is then contaminated!

To make matters worse, because of the oxidising agents in the Lithium Ion batteries, these can reignite hours and sometimes days later; in an explosive fashion!

This 'Fireblock' gel will quickly cool the Lithium battery, killing the flames, but it also coats the battery with it's biodegradable structure, preventing Thermal Runaway to cause the fire to restart.

2L: £115.99

6L: £259.99

9L: £359.99

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