Hanson's New Rigids Fitted with THE Caravan Winch

We posted in June about Hanson's fleet boost, well it hasn't stopped yet!

Brand new from Martin Williams; Winch Systems were called to action to install the ever popular, superior performance E10 Caravan Transport winches for Hanson Caravans.

Kitted out with the Wireless Lodar system, our bespoke fabricated mount plate, emergency stop, marker boards and chain brothers.

If you haven't heard of the E10 winch and you are in the caravan transport industry, get in touch!

This beauty will give you full control of your load by using a drag brake, which carefully pays in and out making sure your customer's pride and joy will travel safely.

We have the ropes, marker boards, chain brothers, remotes, accessories, mount plates etc.


The best engineers!