'71 Plate SsangYong Installation

Here is the concealed front-end winch installation on a SsangYong Musso.

It features:

  • COMEUP Seal Gen2 9.5s Winch with synthetic rope

  • Emergency stop button

  • Remote control with external connection

  • Heavy duty solenoid with isolator switch in cab

  • Vision Kit - Fold up Reg plate and LED over the Winch to show rope spool on the drum

The kit design and installation took longer than most, due to the complex 'behind grill' layout, especially some of the hoses. We went through several different versions until the engineers and designer were finally happy.

The lift up registration plate allows easy access to the Hawse fairlead (the throat/letterbox where the rope pays out of) and the rope/drum of the winch is easily visible, enhanced by the cool blue LED.

There is a switch in the cab, located just below the gear stick and to the left. This switch is a safety element to stop tampering to the winch when unattended.

The Emergency stop is a red button which immediately cuts power in an emergency. It is placed clearly and accessibly to the SsangYong front bumper.

The winch is waterproof to submerging and can pull up to 4.3T and connected solidly to the chassis.

Because the Winch is hidden, this installation is completely road safe. There is no front end projection which could be a danger to pedestrians and/or other collisions.

If you would like anymore info on our SsangYong Winch installations, please contact us>>>