Cable Laying Seminar

Technology for cable laying and overhead power lines

  • Energy cable laying technology up to 400 kV
  • Fibre optic cable and Micro-Cabling blowing technology
  • Overhead power line construction technology up to 110 kV
  • Cable winding and length measuring technology
  • Seminars for cable layer

Seminars for cable layers

Day 1: The theory and practice of laying underground and system cables
Day 2: The theory and practice of installing fibre optic cables and micro-cables

The seminar lasts two days. It begins on Thursday morning at 8.00 am and ends on Friday at about 3.30 pm. During this time, solid theoretical knowledge of the entire process of laying cables is imparted and then confirmed with practical sessions. The participants receive a seminar certificate, important for QM ISO 9001.

Here are just three of the many topics covered by the cable-laying seminar

  • How do you organise and plan cable laying so that everything is correct?
  • Which new methods and laying systems increase performance?
  • How do you achieve the highest daily performance for injecting fibre optic cable?