Cable Trailer

Technology for cable laying and overhead power lines

  • Energy cable laying technology up to 400 kV
  • Fibre optic cable and Micro-Cabling blowing technology
  • Overhead power line construction technology up to 110 kV
  • Cable winding and length measuring technology
  • Seminars for cable layer

Cable drum trailers 2-3 t

Cable drum trailer with height adjustable draw bar with eye coupling and
overrun brake for speeds up to 80 km/h.
Drums are vertically lifted for transport by two hydraulic jacks operated by
central hand pump or by motorized hydraulic used as an accessory.
Rigid tubular steel shaft D 76 mm. Rotating as accessory.
Further accessory see below. Techn. Details see below.
*Payload without accessories. If accessories are mounted
like hydr. drum drives etc. the payload reduces according to their weights.
Trailers with height adjustable draw bar are equipped with eye coupling, ball coupling as accessory.
Through stub axles the trailer is open to the rear for receiving the cable drum.
Big ground clearance through long lift hydraulic jacks.
According to guide line 70/221 EWG the trailers have to be equipped with rear protection gates
Special painting as accessory, Code 350.980, KSL