SPW 9 + 5


SPW 9+5

Full electronically controlled puller for 2 ropes with large bull wheels (Ø 540 mm (90 kN) and 450 mm (50 kN)) made of hardened steel and groove diameter 52 mm (90 kN) and 49 mm (50 kN) . Max. pulling force of 2 x 50 kN or 1 x 90 kN and ZECK stringing data record system.


SPW 9+5 – ZECK GmbH


Max pulling force:

2 x 50 kN or 1 x 90 kN

Max speed:

5 km/h

Speed at max pulling force:

2.3 km/h


Number of bull wheels:


Diameter of bull wheels:

540 mm (90 kN) and 450 mm (50 kN)

Groove diameter:

52 mm (90 kN) and 49 mm (50 kN)


Length x width x height:

5520 x 2280 x 2140 mm


5150 kg


  • Max. 103 kW (140 hp)

  • Liquid-cooled diesel engine with automatic rpm control

  • 24 V system with high capacity battery


  • Each bull wheel with completely closed individual drive unit (motor + brake + gear box) for minimal maintenance and high efficiency

  • Automatically controlled oil cooling system

  • Each bull wheel with an automatically activated safety brake system

  • Hydraulic reel drive via hydraulic engine and gear box for minimal maintenance

  • Automatic rope guiding device

  • Hydraulic reel lifting device for reels with Ø 1100 – 1400 mm

  • Special reel shaft – fast change of reels without tools


  • Control of conductor in/out via joystick

  • PLC controlled machine for optimized productivity and safety

  • WVGA Color display for monitoring the pulling force, hydraulic-, engine- and electrical systems with intelligent diagnostic and troubleshooting system

  • ZECK stringing data record system with USB interface

  • Overload protection system


  • 1 rigid axle chassis with parking brake for up to 30 km/h

  • Lockable aluminum cover

  • Back support via robust mechanical supporting plates

  • Front support via hydraulic sprag

  • Automatic rope clamping system with grounding device


  • Brake-/lighting system and mudguards (for rigid axle chassis)

  • 2 spring-mounted axle chassis with brake-/lighting system and mudguard for up to 80 km/h

  • Electronic printer for ZECK stringing data record system

  • Cable or radio remote control

  • Back support via hydraulic cylinder

  • Synchronization-System

  • Remote diagnosis with GPS modem

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil

  • Pre-cleaner for engine air filter

  • Arctic kit – with preheating system for up to -30 °C

  • Noise reduction kit

  • Special rope guiding device for operation as underground cable puller

Special modifications or equipment on request.