TL1118 D 900/6 Capstan Winch

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Standard version Treuil-cabestan
Type TL 1118 D  900/6
Rope dia. [mm] 6-7
Max. rope length [m] 900 (Ø 6 mm)
Drive unit Mécanique
Type of engine Honda Gasoline GX 160 SXE
Engine, max. power [kW] 3.6
Engine, max. RPM [min-1] 3600
Max. line pull in 1st gear [daN] 1100
Max. line pull in 2nd gear [daN] 550
Speed of pay-in rope in 1st gear [m/min] 7 - 16
Speed of pay-in rope in 2nd gear [m/min] 14 - 33
Speed of pay-out rope [m/min] 0 - 77
Lenght, handlebar in high position [mm] 1620
Width [mm] 750
Height, wheels in high position [mm] 1230