DST 40/60 Plumett Aluminium Drumstands

Plumett aluminium drumstands are designed to ease the coiling and uncoiling of cable.


Characteristics: Lightweight, easy to handle and transport. Large base plate providing a good stability and easy set up. The drum shaft is fitted with plain bearings and centering cones for a smooth uncoiling of the cable. Automatic locking device preventing down-creeping of the hydraulic cylinder and increasing the life time of the cylinder. For transport purposes the drumstands are fitted with two nylon wheels. Aluminium tubular construction free of any sharp edge. All wearing parts are easily replaceable.

Aluminium Drumstands are supplied in sets of two units (type DST 40 or DST 60), with one drum shaft (type DSH 40 or DSH 60) and two clamps. Drum centering cones must be ordered separately. Specifications of the DST 40 and DST 60 Drumstands Type DST 40 DST 60 Max. Drum Weight (kg) 4000 6000 Max. Drum