Plumett TL 2422 Capstan-Winch

The TL 2422 capstan-winch is designed to pull underground telecommunications and power cables and subducts, weighing up to approx. 6 tons, into preinstalled ducts.

Winch Systems working with Plumett can also give you the option to upgrade these winches to give you a lifting winch with a constant lift over the full length of the rope, and having a storage drum reduce rope damage and birdsnesting.


In compliance with DIN 15020 and the German Safety Regulations for Lifting and Pulling Equipment VBG 8 / 2003.

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Pulling force : 24 kN. 


Standard version Treuil-cabestan
Type TL 2422 DRH 1300/8
Rope dia. [mm] 7-9
Max. rope length [m] 1300 (Ø 8 mm)
Drive unit Hydraulique
Type of engine Honda Gasoline GX 630
Engine, max. power [kW] 15.5
Engine, max. RPM [min-1] 3600
Hydraulic pressure [bar] 150
Max. line pull in 1st gear [daN] 2400
Max. line pull in 2nd gear [daN] 500
Speed of pay-in rope in 1st gear [m/min] 0 - 20
Speed of pay-in rope in 2nd gear [m/min] 0 - 80
Lenght, handlebar in high position [mm] 4054
Width [mm] 1702
Height, wheels in high position [mm] 1547
Weight of winch without rope [kg] 850