Comeup Utility Duty Vehicle Winch DU-4000 12v / 24v

Features of the Come-Up Utility Duty Vehicle Winch DU-4000: Rated line pull: 1,814 kg / 4,000 lb.


Power in and power out. High torque permanent magnet motor delivers high line pull at lower amp. 3 stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance of winch under the worst condtitions. Sliding pin and ring gear clutch for fast wire rope payout. Automatic load-holding mechanical brake for strength and reliability. Heavy duty sealed contactor for DU-3000/4000 gives better water resistance and lower amp. draw.

Standard Accessories: Remote control. Control box. Wire rope with hook. Roller fairlead. Circuit breaker. Battery lead. Handsaver strap. Optional Accessories: Snatch block. Winch accessory kit. Wireless remote control.