Series MT-EPC Winch

The MT-EPC electric planetary compact winch. A planetary winch suitable for many applications


Standard build with high quality planetary winch drive.

Available in many varieties in pulling or lifting applications.

We are able to offer you many options as listed below. Below types are a small and general spectrum of what we can offer in these types of winches.


Standard features

- High quality planetary winch drive

- Brake motor

- Voltage 400V 50Hz

- Protection IP55

- Oil filled

- 2-component paint system 150μm RAL 5002


Available options

- Galvanized drum guard

- Spindle Limit switch

- Protection IP56 / T.E.N.V.

marine execution

- Atex motor

- Alternative voltages

- Various motor options

- Pressure roller

- Grooved drum

- Slack wire switch

- Wire rope

- Alternative dimensions

- Alternative speed / pulling force


Available control options

- D.O.L. Control Box IP65 with push

   buttons or pendant control with    5mtr cable acc. To NEN 1010

- Frequency inverter control

- Brake resistor

- Wireless radio remote control