Comeup Industrial Remote Control

Comeup Industrial Remote Control to fit most winch models. Please contact us for more information.

  • PN 880387   Pendant switch HOB-213 w/3.5 mm x 5C x 6 m cord for CP-500/500T, CWG-10077 
  • PN 881040   Pendant switch HOB-213 w/1.25 mm x 5C x 3 m cord for CP-200/250/300, CWG-30075 
  • PN 881041   Pendant switch HOB-213 w/2.0 mm x 5C x 3 m cord for CWG-30151 
  • PN 881042   Pendant switch HOBB-213 w/3.5 mm x 5C x 3 m cord for CWG-10151 
  • PN 880486   Pendant switch CPB-313 w/1.25 mm x 6C x 10 m cord for CWS-80/160/230/300, CWL-200/200L 
  • PN 881046   Pendant switch CPB-313 w/2.0 mm x 6C x 10 m cord for CWL-301/301L 
  • PN 881430   Pendant switch CPB-413 w/1.25 mm x 6C x 3 m cord for CWL-80 
  • PN 881047   Pendant switch CPB-161 w/1.25 mm x 3C x 3 m cord, INDIRECT, 
    Applicable for winches with a low voltage control; CP-500T/750T/900T, CWG-500TH/30075/30151/30265/30375/30565/30750/31500/34000