NEW Theatre Winch from Gebuwin

Our friends at Gebuwin in The Netherlands have been making quality hand and electric hoists and winches for 75 years!

Besides optimising their standard products, Gebuwin invests a lot of energy in developing new products that are specifically designed for certain industries like the entertainment industry.

Allow me to introduce you to the new Theatre Winch!

Gebuwin’s theatre winch is a high-quality but also safe winch that has been specially developed for the theatre and entertainment industry. This winch complies with the newly set standards for this sector, namely EN17206, and is therefore new in our range. This winch is equipped with two load pressure brakes and complies with the safety factor of eight. In order to give the winch even more finesse and ease of use, it is equipped with a grooved drum with a pressure roller. As the name suggests, the winch is ideally suited for the theatre world, but it can also be used in the interior of buildings or the lighting sector. In short, it’s a great addition for Gebuwin, which can literally and figuratively be seen “In The Picture”.