Mobility Winches

Winch Systems are very proud to announce that we now supply and install Mobility Winches for the safe loading of wheelchair passengers into mobility modified vehicles.

This was the final piece of the puzzle for us. We always wanted to provide the full spectrum of winches, but were hesitant with mobility due to compliance surrounding the quality of the product. After recent discussions with suppliers, end users and fitters; we have found the perfectly compliant, robust and reliable winch: The Winch Assist.

This compact little unit sits rather discretely within the vehicle and with the use of the harness can pull a wheelchair and passenger safely up a ramp and into the body of the vehicle. There are different lengths of webbing, designed to fit short or long wheel base. The winch itself it packed with safety features such as audible alerts, overload protection and a 'dead man switch', which will automatically stop the device if the controller becomes inactive.

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