H-2500 WS - AC Electric Cable Puller

1500kg & 2500kg capacity 110 volt and 240 volt AC 50 Hz


The Cable Puller offers a ready solution for installation of cable in open tray or trench and ducts

The combination of two capstan drums provides dual speed and pulling power for efficient handling of different weights and lengths of cable.

Compact, Lightweight and portable – easy to store , transport and manoeuvre into position.

Unlimited length of pull – Capstan Drums.

Interchangeable storage reels – neatly store pulled rope.

Ideal for enclosed environments – no fumes


Pulling Capacity.

Large Drum  1500kg               Small Drum  2500kg


Rope Speed

Large Drum  4 m/min             Small Drum  2.5 m/min


Duty Cycle:  25%

Motor Rating:  IP44