GH200 Mounting Kit for UTV's

Winch Systems Ltd can provide a bespoke winch for your fleet. Please call or email us with your requirements and our technical team will advise and help to give you the perfect system for you.

From electric to hydraulic and manual to remote control, we have many years of experience in providing custom built systems to the Utilities sector. With workshop facilities and service vehicles, we have facility to provide back up should you require our service and testing or any issues that may occur in the future.

We can provide basic training and familiarisation of any of our Utilities systems and provide certification for your ISO9001 files


GH200 Fitting kit for UTV vehicle.

We manufacture kits for utv's to fit our GH200 Capstan winch to them. The kit consists of our universal bracket fitt ed at the front of the vehicle with a ground anchor to enable the user to square rig and lift equipment safely. The electrics are fitted with plugs and sockets to control the hydraulics from the front of the vehicle , with an emergency stop fitted at the front to shut down the power pack in case of emergency. The hydraulic pipes are fitted with quick release couplings to give you the option of removing the winch and power pack and use the vehicle for transporting equipment.