Hand Cable Winding Machine

Technology for cable laying and overhead power lines

  • Energy cable laying technology up to 400 kV
  • Fibre optic cable and Micro-Cabling blowing technology
  • Overhead power line construction technology up to 110 kV
  • Cable winding and length measuring technology
  • Seminars for cable layer

Manual cable coiler, cable-D 3-30 mm

Manual cable coiler, column type, without coil winder, see table below. Without drum adapter shaft. For cable-D 3-30

  1. Prepared for one of the manual length measuring device, see below. Base plate 600x600 mm, through tilting easy

moving by hand by 2 poly-wheels. Height to coiler centre approx. 850 mm.

  • Basic machine without accessory
  • Manual length measuring device HD 11S for cable-Ø to 21 mm, or HD 12S for cable-Ø to 50 mm
  • Different coil winders
  • Adapter shaft for wooden or plastic spools

Code         Type            Description                       kg

322308      DH 28        Manual cable coiler              60,00