Cable Winding Unit

Technology for cable laying and overhead power lines

  • Energy cable laying technology up to 400 kV
  • Fibre optic cable and Micro-Cabling blowing technology
  • Overhead power line construction technology up to 110 kV
  • Cable winding and length measuring technology
  • Seminars for cable layer

Cable winding units stationary

Cable winding and unwinding stands, stationary or for mounting on lorries etc. For drums up to 10 t. See accessories

like drum drives, drum brakes etc. Techn. details see table below. Please ask for our more extensive offers.

  • As winding unit with drum drive, accessory see below.
  • As unwinding unit with drum disc brake, accessory see below.
  • The both units can be combined to a complete cable winding plant.
  • Between the units a traversing table with length measuring and control instruments can be placed.

Code             Type          Cap.        Drum-D        Int. /ext.width/length         kg

331350        KTU 3 ST     3 t        800-2500       1740/1960/2000 mm     420,00

331500        KTU 6 ST     6 t        800-3000       1740/2000/2200 mm     470,00

331650       KTU 10 ST   10 t       800-3300       1940/2240/2600 mm     540,00