Zeck ST 140 L

Zeck Gmbh manufacture specialist equipment for the construction and maintenance of overhead transmission lines. Zeck machines are in use worldwide in the utility sector and have a reputation for quality and reliability. The Zeck range includes combined puller/tensioners, pullers, tensioners, drum stands, trailers, reel winders, reels, in fact everything needed for overhead transmission line construction and maintenance.

Winch Systems Ltd has UK Authorised Sales and Service Centre status for the entire Zeck range. Contact us for advice, sales and service concerning utility industry applications for the Zeck range of power cable and overhead line working equipment.


ST 140 L – ZECK GmbH


Max. pulling force (inner rope layer):

15.7 kN

Max. speed (outer rope layer):

65 m/min


K = 55000 => e.g. Ø 12 mm

380 m


Length x width x height:

3500 x 1600 x 1500 mm

Weight (with rope):

max. 749 kg


  • Max. 16.5 kW (22.1 hp)

  • Gasoline engine with electro start

  • 12 V system with high capacity battery


  • Control of rope in/out via hand lever

  • Drum with completely enclosed drive unit (motor + brake + gear box) for minimal maintenance and high efficiency

  • Continuously variable rope speed and accurate control at max. load

  • Automatically activated drum safety brake system


  • Control instruments for the pulling force and all machine data

  • Automatically controlled oil cooling system


  • 1 spring-mounted axle chassis with brake-/lighting system and mudguard for up to 80 km/h (car application)

  • Plan cover

  • Back support via mechanical sprag

  • Front support via mechanical parking jack

  • Automatic rope guiding device

  • Large rope drum with stable pressure rollers for fixing the rope


  • Lockable aluminum cover

  • Cable or radio remote control

  • Free wheel device to pull out ropes by hand (without engine)

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil

  • Ropes in various versions (steel or synthetic fibres)

Special modifications or equipment on request.