Plumett PDW 4 Pole Drum Winch

The Plumett PDW 4 pole-mounted winch is designed for light overhead line construction uses, such as communications, fibre optics, energy.


Advantages: Safe operation (built in dead man\'s control handle). Easy use and lightweight construction. Rope layering arm ensuring the correct spreading of the pilot rope on the drum. Easy removal and replacement of the drum. Characteristics: Pay-in and pay-out controlled with a mechanical reversing device keeping the tension at any time under full control, thus eliminating any risk of unwanted load escape. Reconducting operations made possible with the optional split drum. Can be used as drum drive mechanism on cable trailer CT-90. Can be used as a drum puller or capstan puller for underground cables on frame (optional). Gear box: self-braking worm transmission with reverse gear. Flexible exhaust pipe.

Drum centering cones