We were proud of our l 2017 Ford Ranger Winch System. Designed for the Environment Agency to incorporate our COMEUP Gen 2 Seal 9.5s winch, which is IP68 Waterproof the design brief was "No front end projection".

Due to the vital work carried out by EA field operatives they required the ability to anchor the winch hook back to the vehicle for "double-line" pulls. These fold away recovery / pulling points, along with Emergency Stop button, our custom designed stainless steel hawse fairlead and remote control plug-in socket had to be worked into the design.

We have made developments to the design, by giving the operator a vision panel to see the rope on the drum of the winch. We have made a bracket with a special pair of hinges which will mount the number plate. When you lift the number plate, behind is a cut out, with an LED light, mounted to enable you to check the layering of the rope. The LED is powered through the winch , so when you turn on the power to the winch, this also turns on the LED in the vision panel.

Click on this link to go to the winch fitted to this vehicle http://www.winchsystems.co.uk/en/en/winches/off-road4x4-/self-recovery-winch/p/208/comeup-self-recovery-vehicle-winch-seal-gen2-95s